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From replacing negative thought patterns to spreading the light of the Arcturians, our self-guided courses are designed to support your personal growth and wellbeing.


You’ll find the course material engaging, empowering, and relevant to the challenges of our busy modern world.

Why learn with Opus Soul?

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We’re Accredited


Opus Soul Community is a Platinum Training Provider with the International institute of Complementary Therapies (IICT). This accreditation covers our Student and Teacher level course material, which has been rigorously checked to comply with Platinum course standards within the IICT.

Enjoy the convenience of learning new skills while working around your busy work and family schedule.

If you’re new to online study, you might be wondering if this is the right fit for you. We’ve designed our courses to be enjoyable and approachable for students from all walks of life.

Become A Teacher

Why Teach our products?

Our range of student and teacher educational streams have been developed over the past 14 years with proven success internationally. Each product has a specific set of Aims and Objectives which are designed to give our students a life-changing experience. If you have always wanted to help people gain a deeper understanding of themselves, becoming a teacher will offer you the tools you need to help support your students on their spiritual enlightenment.

Our Foundation

Our iFacilitate Course is designed to give you the personal tools required to become an inspiration to your students through running informative and effective workshops and courses. This course is at the core of our success, through gaining a deep understanding of learning styles, student types and how to give effective presentations, you will have the confidence to run life changing courses and workshops

Teacher Course

Opus Soul honours diversity within the spiritual education arena. You will be guided through your own spiritual growth through participation during our courses. These personal experiences will enhance your own deep understanding of your life experiences which you can share with your student during your workshops or use this growth for your own personal development.
To be a Teacher with Opus Soul can be truly rewarding. With each course or workshop you run, you will be effecting change in people that can put them onto a path of deep self-healing.

The Benefits of Online Study

We’re flexible

Our courses are open for enrollment at any time, so you can fit your spiritual development around your busy personal schedule. This also gives you time to fully integrate a course before moving onto the next level of learning, with the knowledge that you aren’t under the stress of intake dates.

Our students find the flexibility of easily moving from one education stream to another keeps them interested in their self-development, and makes it easy to explore different, deeper aspects of themselves on a spiritual level. Our courses are open-ended, so there’s no pressure to complete your learning to meet deadlines.

We’re international

Our courses are open to the global community, with students from every continent participating in growing their spiritual wellbeing and enlightenment.

Interactive, easy-to-follow courses

Our online platform makes self-guided learning easy and interactive, with course

material in several mediums to suit a range of learning styles. Courses include written lessons, practical exercises, and video clips from Academy founder Phyllis Brown to guide you through the lesson plan and share her story. You’ll find it’s easy and enjoyable to gain the wisdom and healing tools you need for a more enlightened life.

Real life application

One of the key principles of Opus Soul Community is the real-life application of the skills you’ll learn from the course material. As you progress through your course you’ll find yourself building confidence, self-esteem, resilience and self-awareness. You’ll complete your course with the tools you need to cope with everyday issues that have previously left you feeling lost, confused, and demotivated.