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This collection of Mindful meditations is designed to help you move from negative patterns into a new more positive frame of mind through Theta Healing with Phyllis Brown.

Each meditation is focused on a particular aspect of your life from the physical body, spiritual connections to attracting more abundance into your life.

Join Phyllis as she takes you into a deep Theta healing meditation explore  how you can heal your life on many layers using this amazing healing technique. Included in this collection –

  • Fractured soul healing
  • Worthiness
  • Abundance
  • Positive body image
  • Releasing body fat

Nurture your emotional wellbeing

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Good Vibrations Podcast

Join Phyllis as she shares her wisdom and personal insights on a variety of spiritual topics in the weekly Good Vibrations Podcast.

Good Vibrations Podcast is an opportunity to explore metaphysical topic for self-development and expansion. Share your thoughts with Phyllis or contribute by requesting information on your favourite topic you wish to explore.

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Opus Soul Community is a Platinum Training Provider with the International institute of Complementary Therapies (IICT). This accreditation covers our Student and Teacher level course material, which has been rigorously checked to comply with Platinum course standards within the IICT.

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Thank you to the creator of this course and everyone else involved with making this a reality. I thoroughly enjoyed the meditation practices included and the gems that were given along the way. My biggest takeaways from this experience was discovering the personality types that I tend to lean into and reframing past negative experiences so that it no longer has power to ruminate in my mind. I’ve been on a journey to learn how to manage my self and mind for a while and it has been challenging but every small win along the way is incredible and worth it; including this course. I’d highly recommend this to anyone who’d like to discover a simple but unconventional way of approaching mindfulness. It’s a great experience!

G, Las Vegas USA

About Phyllis Brown

Phyllis has worked as a conscious life coach and metaphysical teacher for over 20 years, both in New Zealand and in her native Scotland. Academy founder Phyllis Brown has combined her innate Intuitive gifts and extensive training to create a truly unique academy for esoteric and metaphysical studies.

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Join Phyllis for a monthly live meditation and spiritual clinic.
Our monthly workshops are inclusive and welcoming. Each month, Phyllis leads a discussion on a new aspect of spiritual wellbeing, energy, or personal growth, followed by a guided meditation.


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