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How does mindful meditation help?

The positive effects of meditation are well documented; by putting yourself into a place of stillness, your mind can relax, refocus and reboot. The Opus Soul meditations are designed to relate directly to today’s modern world, from recovering from a challenging meeting to re-energising yourself partway through the workday.

Workplace Meditations

It can be hard to avoid stress and anxiety at work, even in a job that you love. Our workplace meditations have been specifically designed to help you overcome the day-to-day challenges of the modern workplace.

Meditations include…

Spiritual Meditations

Our guided meditations are a gentle, welcoming way to focus on your self-development and continue your spiritual journey. Each meditation has been developed for a specific purpose by Opus Soul founder Phyllis Brown.

Browse our guided meditations, and open yourself to what the universe has to offer!

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