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In today’s world it is difficult to hide from body image media including social media as well as the people around us. It is important to remember that your body belongs to you and no other people. Your body serves a purpose in your life and in self-acceptance we can move beyond the judgements of others and self-criticism.

Changing your perspective will help those around you change theirs in regards to how you look and how your body supports your everyday needs.

  • Join Phyllis as she takes you into a deep Theta healing meditation to resolve and release patterns around poor body image.

My path as a ThetaHealer® ⋆ Sparks of God

Phyllis is qualified in the following Theta healing techniques

    • Basic DNA
    • Advanced DNA
    • Digging deeper
    • You and the Creator
    • Manifesting and Abundance
    • Animal Communication
    • Rhythm to a perfect weight

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4 January 2024
10 January 2024
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Phyllis Brown