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Self-awareness Meditations

Our guided meditations are a gentle, welcoming way to focus on your self-development and continue your spiritual journey. Each meditation has been developed for a specific purpose by Opus Soul founder Phyllis Brown.

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Monthly Meditation 2023

Take control of your spiritual awakening in this online webinar series

Each month I will be taking you on a personal journey of self awareness and expansion

2023 is the year of the rabbit, a busy time for us all and we start our first monthly meditation by looking at the new energy for the year ahead and what lessons we my learn. 

Phyllis will be hosting the meditations each month @7.30pm NZtime, she will take you through a short presentation before guiding you into a deeply healing meditation.

Dates and topics listed below. 

The date and time for the live meditation will be published soon.

New dates for meditations 2023

26th Jan27th Jul
23rd Feb31st Aug
30th Mar28th Sep
27th Apr26th Oct
25th May30th Nov
29th Jun14th Dec