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Fractured Soul Healing meditation using a Theta Healing technique.

In any relationship we create strong bonds of connection in which our Souls are linked. When the relationship is finished, broken or simply dissolved we can leave an aspect of ourselves with the person. We can recognise this through our own behaviours – constantly thinking of the person is a key indicator there is still a connection at some level. We cut cords, remove them from our medial pages, digital devices but we still feel a pull to them – this could be an indication that you are missing some of your soul aspects.
During this meditation, Phyllis will take you through the whole Theta healing technique of retrieving aspects of yourself back from any situation, person or event.

Phyllis is qualifed in the following Theta healing modalities

  • Basic DNA Theta
  • Advanced DNA Theta
  • Digging deeper
  • You and the creator
  • Manifesting and abundance
  • Rhythm to a perfect weight
  • Animal communication

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3 January 2024
3 January 2024
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Phyllis Brown