Absent Healing

It is not always possible to be in the presence of my clients when they are in need of support, however using both Reiki and Theta healing techniques, I have supported many clients, their families and pets through difficult situation.

Absent healing is a process whereby with  some information I can connect to the person or animal using the Reiki symbols that work through space and time. Once connected I am able to work with my client to give emotional/mental or physical relief.

Absent healing can help with the following:*

* It should be noted this energy healing does not replace medical protocols, clinical diagnosis but is complementary to any medical support you are receiving at that time.

Booking an absent healing consultation

Booking an absent healing consultation

When making a booking, you will be guided to who the healing is for :

Once this information has been confirmed, you will have access to a booking form to gain basic information on the healing required. Once this is received, the healing will be done and a report will be sent back to you.

Follow up on healing

Once the information has been received, I will conduct the healing and complete the consultation form which will be sent back to you.

The healing will comprise of a chakra & Theta healing balance:



This service is an energy healing/clearing only and not a reading.

This healing is complementary process to assist with alleviating emotional/mental stress and is not a clinical diagnosis or a replacement for clinical medication.