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Worthiness is a state of mind that can prevent us from becoming the best version of ourselves. We have all had cruel and hurtful things said to us or done to us that takes away our power and self-esteem, however using Theta healing we can remove these events and replace them with a more positive perspective about who you are today.

Join Phyllis as she takes you into a deep Theta healing meditation to resolve and release patterns that have impacted your sense of self-esteem.

My path as a ThetaHealer® ⋆ Sparks of God

Phyllis is qualified in the following Theta healing techniques

    • Basic DNA
    • Advanced DNA
    • Digging deeper
    • You and the Creator
    • Manifesting and Abundance
    • Animal Communication
    • Rhythm to a perfect weight

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3 January 2024
10 January 2024
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Phyllis Brown