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Cell Memory Healing
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Cell Memory Healing and Transmission
Light Language is our Soul expression in tone, sound and song. My guide Lady Lyra is part of a group consciousness who wish for us to experience our true soul essence through sound healing.
This meditation is designed to activate cell memory within you and activate your soul awakening and healing. Join me in this truly deep healing which will allow you to access your soul potential, soul lesson and soul purpose.

Phyllis and Lady Lyra
I first channelled Lady Lyra when downloading the Arcturain Light Healing course at Lake Tekapo, New Zealand. The Arcturians are a light consciousness first brought forth by Edgar Casey. They are here to help us in our physical form and to unlock stored DNA intelligence held within our bodies.
The tones, sounds and song Lady Lyra brings forth can be quite powerful, when participating in this meditation please ensure you are in a quiet space and completely supported during the process.

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3 January 2024
3 January 2024
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Phyllis Brown