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Welcome to this fantasic daily or weekly  tune up collection of work place meditations. We all go through periods of high and low energy during our working day, this impacts our focus and concentration plus our motiviation to get the job done!

This colletion of 4 meditations are specifically designed to get you set up for your day but help you push through those low energy parts of the day and week.

  • Monday Tune Up – set your day and week up with the right energy
  • Daily Tune Up – bid day ahead? use this meditation to help focus your mind on the task at hand
  • End Of Day –  Time to finish off your work and head home in the right frame of mind
  • Second Wind – When you get that “feeling empty – or flat” use this meditation to revive your eneryg and regain your focus

All meditations are below 10min, ideal to fit into your coffee break/lunch break.

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12 August 2021
18 December 2023
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Phyllis Brown