Conscious Meditation with Tarot – Disks Suit

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Thoth Tarot – Disks

The Disks represent the physical body as well as the reflection in the aura. As part of our 4 pillars that support our wellbeing, the physical body holds blueprint of our health and wellbeing as well as our encoded DNA along with the chakra system. Our physical body is our outer representation to the world, we display our feelings and thoughts through our physical expression and movements.

Our body can also betray us by showing the world one aspect of our personality while our emotional/mental body is expressing something else.

Looking at each card in detail and participating in a meditation with the card we can unlock the true potential of our physical body.

Angel blessings

Phyllis Brown

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What Will You Learn?

  • The benefits of participating in this course is a deeper understanding of the Thoth Tarot Disks Suit. Through taking in in depth look at the images and symbols on the card we can apply their meaning into our daily lives. This course will give you some new perspectives on how to read the cards for personal healing.

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  • introduction
  • The Disks Suit

Ace of Disks

Two of Disks

Three of Disks

Four of Disks

Five of Disks

Six of Disks

Seven of Disks

Eight of Disks

Nine of Disks

Ten of Disks

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