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I had always considered myself as a spiritual person, having worked with clients over many years, however it was not until my Reiki one attunement that I realised what is was to be spiritual and life a spiritual life.

Through out my Reiki teachings I am constantly working on my Souls journey, the many paths I have taken and the lessons they have brought to me.

Reiki opened my awareness to the Chakra system and how that links into our Soul evolution and experiences. While on holiday in Samoa, recovering from the impact of the two major earthquakes in Christchurch I was guided to create a set of drawings of the chakras which I later expanded into the full Souls Journey course.

My hope is that by stepping into your Souls Journey you too can fully experience what your life’s journey has been about and process some deep healing within your chakra system and body.

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What Will You Learn?

  • The benefits of participating in this course is a deeper understanding of the chakra system and the soul connection between them. While working through the course content you will discover aspects of who you are, how to make positive changes in your life and to expand your soul awareness.
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  • "I absolutely loved this course, and it helped me to take a new look at my life…so thank you!

Course Content

What is the Soul

  • What is the Soul?

12 chakra system – Soul evolution

Chakras and the pathway to healing

A Souls Journey Evolved Archangels – Metatron and Sandalphon

Karma and the Soul

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