May has been a strange month regarding time! Not only have I missed days out completely but the last week of the month seemed to have folded in time and not exist at all! I am unsure why the last week disappeared, but I have the feeling it could relate to my conscious mind looking to the future thereby bypassing the present. Does planning our future somehow speed up our journey to such an extent that we are already in our future time frame? 

Time as you get older does seem to speed up, we find that days are shorter, months pass by quickly and already we are midyear asking ourselves “how did we get here?” I must giggle at myself, as a young child, like many children, time seemed too slow, days dragging by at school with no holidays in sight, then come our summer holidays – time speeded up! and we were back at school again!! 

I know with the new 5th Dimensional frequencies; we are as a planet vibrating at a faster speed. The Schumann resonance has shown a marked increase in the planetary shifts, recognized as the heartbeat of the Earth, the Schumann resonance are electromagnetic waves in Earth’s lower ionosphere. They have seen a marked increase of vibrations in which we are all affected by. Even the Currey lines, these are the topographical grids sitting around 2/3ft above the Earth’s surface, these are changing as the Earth’s crust shifts and changes underfoot due to changing seismic conditions. All of which does impact our energy fields considerably. 

Or is it that in our manifestation we are on some level already in the future we are planning? There is a school of thought that we live in a parallel universe that emulates all our actions and thoughts, are we living on some level feeling and experiencing events before they happen in our reality? As they say, “As above – so below” We have since 2012 been manifesting in every aspect of our lives, so is now the time of instant manifestation? For many of you I have taught over the past decade or more, you have been focused on creating your future through a variety of tools, teachings and techniques, are you feeling that time between your Thought and Result has vanished? Are you manifesting now, seeing the results of your thoughts in an instant? 

Time is relative as they say, and as such we must ensure we make time for ourselves and ensure we give time to ourselves to rest and regenerate on many levels. Make time your friend and embrace the speed at which we are manifesting. 

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