What is Free Will? It is a phrase that is often used when we are exerting our right to do something or to take a stance, but is there a deeper meaning to it? If we look at the definition of Free Will, we are told that this is when you make a decision without any impediment – it’s your choice.

When we think about the thousands of decisions we make on a day-to-day basis, it becomes clear that we are always using our free will. However, it is when we are influenced by others that we surrender our free will, and that can bring about both positive and negative outcomes.

The key to free will is that we must be aware of our choices and take full responsibility for any outcome, regardless of the effect. We can not point the finger or blame others for poor results simply because we used our free will and followed their advice.

This boils down to the fact you are acting in free will at all times – the outcome is up to you.

What is Destiny? Destiny is a predetermined course of events that determines a person’s future. These events are unavoidable, planned on some level to shape or change your future in a way that can be life-changing.

As a spiritual teacher, I am often challenged on this; mainly by people who see the wrong in the world and want to know why it’s happening, or people who have personally experienced great pain or sorrow which they feel is unjust or unwanted.

We are here to learn and develop into the best version of who we can be; that includes the good, bad, and ugly parts of our life experience.

Some people are told they are destined for great things, so what is it that others see in that person? Is it their courage, strength, determination… or is it a feeling? We will never know, but what I see is that some events are so great in a person’s life that these events simply shift them onto a new path of great healing and influence.

For myself destiny can be seen in patterns in my life; from colleagues talking about New Zealand, parents who were emigrating to New Zealand, to finally moving to New Zealand as a family. Not through our parents, or suggestions from my colleagues, but from an ‘inner feeling’ if you will.

So, Free Will Vs Destiny:

They work hand in hand – events that will inevitably come into your life are Destined, however we use our free will to make the best of the situation we find ourselves in at any given time.

If you are destined to be a great singer, you have the free will to find the right support to help you achieve this. You are in charge, you make the decisions which help or hinder your progress towards your destiny!