Everything is as it should be = Patience

We live in an era of fast paced lives, “being busy” is the buzz word, everyone is busy but is that a good thing? 
In my Buddhists classes this month, Kelsang Luma has been talking about Karma – huge topic and I do love working through the layers of Karma and seeing this from all different aspects. 

One of the opponents to creating bad/negative Karma is – Patiently excepting, that is to say when things are not going your way, just allow the process don’t push against the tide. All of your frustrations. negative thoughts, feelings are creating negative karma for you –  as they say “what goes around – comes around” Being more relaxed around situations will help reduce the negative impact on you emotionally and mentally. 

With June being a long month, this has given me plenty of time to sit back and take stock of what I am pushing and why. Do I really need to spend so much energy pushing for results that would happen anyway? Do I constantly need to check up on things when I know they will fall into place when they are meant to? 

I realize I waste a huge amount of time and energy when I really need to just sit back and be patient with life in general. June has been a really good month for just allowing things to fall into place and allowing things  just flow. 

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