The dawn of man

The hard work is done –
now it is time to reap the rewards

We have arrived into a new age and what a journey it has been. 2012 started of the 5th dimensional energy,  the process of becoming more aware of our journey, our soul and finding our purpose. We developed and listened to our intuitive self and have been guided by this new awareness. For many of you, life will have changed quite significantly from that time, so in reflection, who have you become and are you ready for the Dawning of The New Age?

The age of Pisces over, it was the age of connecting to the Christ consciousness, connecting to our own inner voice that helped us recognize controlling and destructive aspects within our self. With these new insights we were propelled onto a path of healing. I for one look back and see so much has changed in my life. 

So what’s waiting for us now? Having worked on our fears, dug deep into our healing journey and reset our conscious mind, we can expect a “Vortex of creation”,  energy that is constantly by our side. Our minds are liberated and we can or should be able to manifest quicker through our new mental freedoms. 

I have been told that Freedom will be the key word for 2021 – freedom to create the world you want to live in, freedom to build on your new found mental agility – from the song, “This is the age of Aquarius”, “Now our minds are liberated” really resonates with me. If nothing else – Covid19 has taught us that Freedom is precocious, it is not a given. You have to put the work in to really see the benefits of freedom in many aspects of your life.

Covid19 is bringing forth to my mind,  the new Space Age – we are now in the Space Age, moving from the Digital Age. We have learned to stay in our bubbles, communicate at a distance, started commercial business in space, all skills needed for the new younger generation to build upon for living or working in Space. 

I am not sure what 2021 will bring but I am sure that all the foundations I have been building from 2012 are steady, they will hold my new energy solid and form the founding principles for what comes next in my life.

This year we are working with the energy of the Ox, starting from the 3rd February. An animal of great strength, stamina and steadfastness. All our hard work will pay off this year, if we recognize our mind limitations and let them go.  For me this will be my “overthinking” – not an easy task but I am open to liberating my mind from the dramas of my own making.

Now is the time to recognize your self as a whole person – Body, Mind and Spirit and work with every aspect of yourself so you can move into the Vortex of Creation. Just remember, we can create both positive and negative so be mindful!

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius everyone

Love and light to you all