Breath, stillness and relax!

I have been so aware of the complete stillness of February, a quiet energy that feels like a marshmallow, soft  and comforting. In contrast to last years energy of fear, anxiety, chaos. I am finding I am really appreciating the stillness around. 

Why is it quiet?
On a global scale, the world seems to have found some order, this applies to the dealing with Covid19 and he new vaccines, long awaited government changes, all of these things have brought about a sense of global relief. We, as a global community still have a long way to go but the light is at the end of the tunnel. Although there are still pockets of unrest in the world, as global spectators we see these events from afar and this can create a sense of stillness for those of us who are no directly involved.

For myself, having completed a year of dedicated work, now I have arrived at my destination, February felt like being in a rest stop, looking and reflecting on what had been achieved. The goal now is to see if the plan I have been working on, will indeed pay off! In this time of stillness I am diving deep into myself so I can start to formulate what’s next! There is always a ‘what’s next”, life is a constant evolution and change, endings do create a new beginning. However sometimes it is good to just sit quietly and enjoy the success of seeing a plan come together.

Part of my reflection is how my journey started, this takes me back to my crystal gift shop in Largs. On a cold and rainy day, no customers only seagulls  to keep me company. I sat in my shop I put the thought out  – ‘what is my life purpose?” The psychic development course was born on that day and several years later more course were added to my collection, The Phoenix Light Foundation manifested and is now my online academy. It is through reflection we can appreciate the journey we have been on and the successes along the way. It also gives us time to tweak and improve on our decision making. 

Now that your are in 2021, what are you planning for the rest of the year? Can you use the successes of the past and replicate them in the future?

With the uncertainty of Covid19 we are being reminded of being flexible and adaptable, are you able to accommodate change and adapt to the changing restrictions? If not, come back to yourself and just breath, take a moment of stillness so you are in reflection mode rather than reaction mode, this way you are more likely to have positive outcomes.

March can be a long and dreary month, changing of seasons, shorter nights down here in NZ, but it can also be a time of joy. Take time to really participate in the last of the summer wine, walks by the sea, strolling in the park and and the last few BBQ’s before the winter is upon us. We will have plenty of time to hibernate come winter.

Until the next time, Love and light to you all