As I sit and reflect on our up and coming 35th wedding anniversary, firstly WOW 35 years together and WOW where did that time go!! Love is a precious thing, it is all things to all men – different yet the same. For myself I was not madly in love with Mike, but rather had to think about the concept of love and what that meant for me. On the night he professed his love for me, we were in the Scores Hotel in St Andrews. I was not expecting his love and at that precise moment the song “2 out of 3” – happened to be playing. I told Mike that was where I was in the relationship, but when I told him I loved him, I would mean it, and here we are 35 years into our love story. 

Love it a word we link to many things in our life, from our work, clothes, cars, jewellery etc but what does it mean? Do we simply have a fond memory attached to these objects or do we truly LOVE that thing? When we say “I love you” what is it we are saying to each other? I know my love for Mike is very different from first love, we have grown up together and our love story will continue to grow as we move along our life path together. The many changes in our lives has also shaped our love, I can honestly say we are not the couple we were in the Scotland compared to who we are now in New Zealand.

Love is a word we hand out daily but do we mean it? Ask yourself the question and who or what are you in love with? 

I have become a Schitts Creek addict – I LOVE that show!!! So what do I love? I love the characters, the soul lessons and messages of personal growth, I love watching the evolution of each Rose family member. There is a very special moment when Jonny Rose finally realizes what Love is in his life and it is not what he thinks it is! When confronted by his past – he realizes it is his present that is important and the past has no meaning for him now.  He sees with open eyes who he is surrounded by and the unconditional love he has been given. That is a precious love! 

I know that the love I have in my family is precious and we say I love you to each other many times during the weeks/months/years. I am also aware then when we say it, it comes from the heart and not just a throwaway comment. So, listen out for your words of love, what are you loving in your life and does it deserve your love? 

Included in this newsletter from the episode of Schitts Creek in which Jonny finally realizes he is loved, the song I talk about in my vlog. Enjoy and if you can sit an watch the lyrics as they appear I hope you will recognize your Precious Love. 

LOVE – and many blessings