While working with my students during the Angelology class, we worked through many of our emotional beliefs, includes myself! I love working through my Stuff along with the students, they find it relatable and helpful to see/hear what I have been coping with from week to week and I have to say so do I!!! 

July was a special month, the class was in full gear, lots of changes taking place and for myself I confided to the class that I realise the emotion of fear had become a habit/norm emotional response for me. I found myself reflecting back on my life and noticed that fear had driven me to succeed, strive for the best and push through uncomfortable situations. So much so, it felt that without fear I may not succeed, as strange as that may sound. 

Phewwwwww – this was a huge revaluation for myself and a habit I had sustained for decades – BUT no more. I have a huge tool box of emotional skills that can help me navigate through life’s ups and downs, it is time to use them. As I dig deep into my emotional tool box, I explained this to my students and from now I am no longer living my life in fear, it is too exhausting, complicated and just useless!!! 

I have decided to surrender to the universe and allowing space around me so that things/ events/ happenings can come into my life to support whatever is going on – Boy July has been a revaluation on so many levels for myself and my students. Huge and wonderful changes for us all. 

So a life without fear  – what does that feel like? For me, I have more energy, I feel lighter, happy, less stressed and have a better understanding of how to succeed in life in a more positive way. I know there is the saying – “when the going gets tough, the tough get going” I can relate to that – but now without fear, I have had some amazing signs, coincidences, happenings that have made me laugh at how the universe, when we allow, it really does let us know we re being supported and manifestations are happening all the time that are beyond our understanding. 

What emotional tool is your go to is it panic/anxiety/worry/ humor?  Whatever your emotional habits are, is it time to let them go and create more positive ones? 

Look out Fearless life – I am on my way! 

LOVE – and many blessings