Energy is everything

As a young woman, I knew a lovely lady called Liz who was highly intuitive, on my visits to her home she would often say to me – “let me read your vibration” and this fascinated me, I was keen to understand what she meant – and so began my journey into energy work at the early age of 13. We all have a vibration or frequency that can be felt by anyone we come into contact with, in fact people around you who are intuitive will pick up on any slight change in your vibration.

So what is the human vibration or frequency? For my friend Liz, she would tap into the persons auric field, feeling her way around the different layers and hone in on the persons emotions and thoughts. Our energy systems are –

  • Aura
  • Charka 
  • Meridian

All of these systems work in partnership within our body to support our Physical/Emotional/Mental/Spiritual bodies, how do we maintain a positive charge within our energy levels and can we increase our vibration or frequency?

I feel the first question you to need to ask is “what am I attracting in my life now?, is it positive or negative?” When you take a look at what is occurring right now in your life this is a great indicator of what your vibration is. You can change your diet, meditate everyday, read copious amounts of self help books, but if you don’t stop to actually see what is happening in your life, your efforts may be misdirected. I have many clients who talk about being in repeating patterns in their lives, this does come down to their vibrations. To create change they must change their thoughts and emotions. If they have not changed any aspect of their life then they will stay in that loop emitting the same vibration, hence receiving the same outcomes. 

I have been very open about my beliefs around FEAR this year, it has been one of my biggest vibrational shifts – letting go of the vibration of fear has brought in trust and the change to my personals and business circumstances has been immense. 

So, here is the deal – stop and really look at what you are putting out into the universe regarding your thoughts/emotions/spiritual energy! Are you betraying yourself by emitting a false perspective of yourself? Are you being true to you? It is only when we stop searching outside ourselves to be saved or supported can you save and support yourself – this shift in consciousness will have a huge positive shift in your vibration and the things you attract.