February has been an interesting month in my personal journey. I have been getting ready for investing in my Theta healing training and this has brought up a wonderful opportunity for self healing as always. 

It has come in the form of new or altered perspectives on my childhood and what was actually happening in my younger years. Like many people, I had shaped my memories to fulfil a narrative that I could cope with, something that felt good or manageable. However as I unpack my memories, I find that the reality was a very different story and this has brought such a wonderful opportunity to heal it has been quite exciting and relief.

As an adult and mother seeing things through a child’s eye has been a revelation and allowed myself to start  the forgiveness process as well and changing personal beliefs. As always with Theta, it is a mind blowing experience and one I am looking forward to continue when I take my new certificate course later this year. 

In talking to my clients in February many had similar experiences, changes to what they thought was reality and shaping into fact, new behaviors’ and beliefs as an adult. We are always peeling the layers of conscious thought, feelings and behaviours to become the best version of our selves. 

All to fast February has passed and March is here, what has February been for you? Did you find old memories pop up for healing ? 

March is looking like a month of decision making, which if we change our beliefs we should find decision making easier as we continue on our path of self realization. 

I am looking forward to reaching out in my Q&A session this month and help you onto a path of new understandings.  

As always, many thanks for your feedback and updates on how life is treating you.

Blessings to you all