I have been reflecting on my baking! As many of you know from my FB food mishaps, I am not a chef in the kitchen, in fact most of the time I wing it. However I try to make delicious food that is good and nutritious. Last week a wee miracle happened when I finally made a delicious bread, it looked like bread, tasted like bread and was just perfect, my first ever! This got me thinking, although I had been using a recipe, it was not quite right, change the recipe and we have success. 

This minor kitchen miracle got me thinking about other aspects of my life, mainly my work. I have looked at the ingredients – what makes up my work, is it right? I am using the right method to promote my work? Is my voice filled with passion about what I offer? 

Taking a long look at what I am offering, how I am offering it and what  the benefits are to my clients and customers has given me great insight, there is no overnight success but constant tweaks to the recipe. As I keep my work fresh, using the best tools I have to hand, I feel sure success will be just ahead of me.

Before we get to deep into 2021, is it time to look at your ingredients in your life? This can cover all aspects of your life – Love, health, wealth and career, the 4 pillars that sustain us. Do you need to shake up your recipe for success in any area or all areas in your life to achieve success? Or is it as simple as trying a new method but achieving better results like myself and my bread?

This year our new normal is upon us, Covid19 is here for the long run. It my be time to make some changes to help you towards success and as they say a change is as good as a rest! 

I do hope you all find the recipe for success in all your 4 pillars, I for one am going to relish my new bread making skills.  

Love and light to you all