Self preservation and self reliance

As we see the finish line of 2020 in our sights, at this time of the year feel  quite scattered,  stretcher and really empty.  We are looking at the festive season which can looks formidable. 

This year in particular we have faced many challenges, with imposed isolations, change of government, and changes within our personal situations. It has been a huge year so far and still a few weeks to go!!!

In March I pulled back from giving personal sessions, it was at the end of last year feeling I was “spreading myself too thin” – my energy was just not there to support all I wanted to achieve, so something had to give. 

In the proceeding months I have found that in pulling back my energy, time and resources, I have achieved so much!!! It feel fantastic, so fantastic,  I was hyper talking to Nathan, who just sat quietly while I prattled on about my excitement and the new changes just ahead for me.

As you look around your life, are you really focused on your direction or feeling stretched? Moving into a new year always signals change, we set our minds to what we want to achieve and create a plan. However Why wait??

If you can make changes now, then do so, being self reliant will help you focus and move towards your goals without waiting. As both myself and Nathan know, we are great Procrastinators lol

We can distract ourselves quite happily with mundane, meaningless tasks to avoid change. However this only delays the task at hand, which could signal missing opportunities in your life. I know for myself, making that shift in March has created so many openings for my own personal growth, realigning my energy and focus. 

No-one can make these decision for you, only you. 

Who knows what 2021 will bring, it is a 5 year – a year of freedom, change, unpredictability and is connected to our 5 human senses. Take note of your vibrational body now, start to tune into YOU. 

If you need to change things then now is the time to start so you are ready for the new year and what it will bring. 
Good luck!