I found this aura photo taken several years ago and a body, mind spirit event. In finding the photo I was reminded that our Aura is a living thing. An energy field that never switches off and is our constant companion no matter what we are doing.

What is our Aura and what is its purpose?

Our Aura is an energetic layer around our body which alerts our senses to what is going on around us every moment of the day. The Aura holds all our thoughts, feelings, and emotions as we move about our day, but it can also store other people’s thoughts, feelings and emotions.

In Native American culture, this type of external energy from other people was called Rust – when taking to a sweat lodge they would use this meditation time plus extreme heat to remove the Rust from their own energy fields.

The Aura’s main function it to alert us of what is happening around us via our clair senses, these senses trigger an alert in us to be on our guard, open to love and friendship and when we feel fully supported.

Colour in the Aura

As you can see from my photo the Aura is filled with many colours, the full spectrum of the rainbow. In looking at the colours of the Aura you can detect what is going on with that person at any given time, but it does take time to develop the skills to read the aura.

In looking at my photo above, I have a real mix of energy floating around below is a review of my colours –

  • Green/green = compassion/teaching/intuitive healer/strong link to spirit
  • Orange = creativity/mothering/nurturing
  • Red/orange = charisma/creative expression/confidence

However, this photo is of that moment, each day our Aura changes with what is happening around us at any given time.

Aura clearing

It is important to maintain a healthy clean and clear Aura so you can always be in balance with what is going on around you.  There are some simple techniques you develop as part of your daily mediations practice.

Golden breath – sit quietly and close your eyes, focus on your breath. Become aware of each breath as it moves in and out of your nose, allow your mind to drift off and then bring it back to the motion of your breath. The more you bring your attention back to your nose the deeper your meditation and less distracted by external thoughts.

Once you are completely relaxed, visualise your breath as a golden light. With every breath you take, imagine/see/feel your aura filling up with golden light. As you move deeper into a relaxed state, visualize your aura extending outward in a halo of golden light.

You can do this for 5 or 10mins each day, it will remove any unwanted energy in your aura and build up a bubble of protective light.