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Dear Parent and Guardian

Join Sally and Sam as they discover new tools that help them when they are feeling sad, overwhelmed, frustrated or angry. Sam and Sally meet Melissa who teaches the class about energy and a simple game – Golden Hands, a tool to help them take back control of their emotions.

Giving children an opportunity to learn about the Chakra system at an early age can only benefit them later in life and help keep them centred, emotionally and physically well which is all good. On the plus side if the book also stimulates children to eat fruit and vegetable which is just great. This story came into being from several sessions I had where I would chat to the child and we would play guessing games about colour to help them relax during a treatment. The games varied from favourite colours, to rainbow breath and finally Fruit Salad for Kids.

Welcome to ‘Fruit Salad for Kids’. This book was born from my work with children as young as 2 years old who have been brought to see me in my capacity as a Reiki Master. Their parents would bring their child along when they were having an issue with their child on a behavioural or emotional level. The book contains the story of Sam and Sally, how to use The Golden Hands when a child feels they need some healing and a workbook focused on the chakra system and food to help nurture their bodies.

I love treating children of all ages as I see them as sponges ready to try something new, keen to learn about themselves, and to become fearless.

Phyllis Brown Assoc CIPD

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23 January 2023
25 January 2023
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