Energy shift and feeling flat! 

Gosh, as we move into March there seem to be no reduction in the constant bombardment of media struggles, including NZ and globally. For many of my clients this has left them feeling scattered, low or no energy. Some clients have been impacted on a deeper level – either helpless or enraged! Our emotional barometer is swinging from highs to lows, and finding that balance is becoming difficult as we become immersed in the external distractions. 

I know for myself it is easy to get drawn into other people’s drama in fact being part of something can give us a sense of purpose and resolve, however we have to come back to self, what do I stand for? What is important for me? If we don’t we become scattered and find life overwhelming. However staying balanced is easier said than done, this I know.

When we are moved by passion that belongs to us we feel invigorated, moved, empowered. However when we are joining in or being pulled into other peoples beliefs we can feel trapped, helpless and lost. How do we get back on track?

Firstly you must check your emotional responses, really feel into yourself and see what is happening within.  I recently had a conversation in which an old pattern turned up and just sat with it, I took my time to feel the emotion and upon reflection I realized the emotions was not my own but the other persons, this has been a pattern over the past few months – it is called “empathic sympathy” – feeling and putting myself into what a person is feeling. 

It is easy to get lost in times of great change/struggle, however we must take care not to ‘give” ourselves away. 

One of the methods I use to help bring me back to myself is – the Path to Release, something I teach in my Reiki 2 classes. We can heal ourselves by using this simple technique. I have included a picture of the process in this months newsletter. 

It is so important to keep your energy as clean and fresh as possible, this will allow you to cope with any personal changes you may be facing at the moment. 

Lets fill our bodies with light!