Angel Connection Course

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Do you love Angels? 

Do you ask the Angels for help?

Do you find feathers in your path?

If the answer is ‘YES’ then this is the course for you. This course will give you a deep and loving connection to your Angels. Each lesson will open you to the beautiful Archangels and help you build a loving connection with them. There are fun activities and healing exercises within each lesson to support your journey with the Angels in your daily life.

What Will You Learn?

  • Angels have been part of every culture starting in biblical times. Over the past decade, our fascination with Angels has grown and now we actively seek a greater connection to our Angels for spiritual growth and support when we are facing life’s challenges. Through completing this course, you will gain an awareness of how each Angel can support you and activate the healing techniques to sustain you through difficult times.

Course Content

Chapter 1- Good Morning TV show – Phyllis Brown and Megan Banks talk about Guardian Angels

  • Guardian Angels with Phyllis Brown and Megan Banks on CTV The Good Morning Show
  • What are Angels
  • Guardian Angels

Chapter 2 – Archangels

Chapter 3 – Archangel Jophiel and illumination

Chapter 4 – Archangel Chamuel – unconditional love and healing

Chapter 5 – Archangel Gabriel – The heavenly awakener
Ray 4 – The white ray of Purity and Creation of Beauty His name means ‘God is my strength’ and he works on the base chakra. Archangel Gabriel is often depicted as the bringer of messages. It is said he informed Mary of her mission in baring her son Jesus. He appeared to Zachariah and told him that his wife, who had been barren for many years, would be with child and this was John the Baptizer. There are also references to him telling the shepherd and wise men of the birth of Jesus. It is said he was also there at the end of Jesus’s life. He informed Mary of Jesus’s end and he is said to have moved the stone away from the cave entrance in which Jesus was laid to rest. He is the ambassador of heaven, giving information with grace, diplomacy and discretion. He is often depicted with a trumpet as the bringer of news. If you need help in finding your true purpose in life, invoke Archangel Gabriel and ask him to bring you enlightenment. For example: Ask Archangel Gabriel to clear toxins from your body. Call upon his energy to remove hold patterns by removing inner struggles/controls. Ask Gabriel to dispense white healing light upon family unrest. Would you like to be protected from negative energies? Do you feel sluggish and in need of a bodily detox? His etheric retreat and ray: His etheric retreat is over an area between Sacramento and Mount Shasta, California. You can go there for guidance and to learn how to attain greater purity, discipline, and order within your life. He travels on the white ray of purity. The star signs associated with Gabriel are: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. His twin flame: Archangel Gabriel’s twin flame is Hope, they bring inspiration to clear negative thoughts and energy from your belief system. They will keep you on the right path and help you find your place in life. Invoking his energy: To invoke Archangel Gabriel, surround yourself with white light, ask Gabriel to clear your inner vision so you can see what lies ahead.

Chapter 6 – Archangel Raphiel – Angel of healing and abundance

Chapter 7 – Archangel Uriel – Angel of repentance

Chapter 8 Archangel Zadkiel – Transformation

Chapter 8 Archangel Metatron

Chapter 9 Archangel Sandalphon

Chapter 10 Higher Angelic realms

Chapter 11 Healing with the Angels

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