Like everyone on the planet I dream – most nights however my head hits the pillow I am out for the count. For me I become aware of my dream state in the twilight hours of the morning – 3am – 5am, this seems to be when my conscious mind is waking and taking note of the myriad of images flooding my mind, giving me those very useful and sometimes powerful insights into my soul journey. 

Dreaming is our mind defragging – breaking down, thoughts/words/feelings/events in such a way that we are constantly processing what is happening in our life at any given time. The key is not to attach to strongly to the more frightening images/event we see in our dreams, rather take time to really feel what is happening with what is going on in your body -check your feelings! Are they due to the dream or is that what you are actually feeling at the moment. 

For myself I have been approached by several clients who are struggling with their dreams at the moment, and I appreciate that. I too struggle with some of the images I see in my dream state. For myself, when I become aware of my dreams on a conscious level it really take note of who/what is happening in my dreams. I then look at what is the meaning of the events, like many people it can be confusing trying to digest what is going on, but if I really look at location/people and events I tend to break it down. 

Many of the dreams I become aware of are working on healing the past, connecting to old friends and family members and healing the past – the funniest dreams I get of this type usually involve me in a bathroom/shower room where I am literally letting go or washing/cleansing away all the old feelings. I find these funny as sometime the toilet is full to the brim! not a pleasant sight but ohhhh so good for the soul. 

With the dark nights descending our sleep time feels longer giving us plenty of time to explore/heal and ascend to new spiritual awareness.  
Until the next time, Love and light to you all