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Angelic Connections Course enables you to:
Have an understanding of different aspects of Angels and the tools open to you and create a conscious connection. It is hoped the healing meditation will help to realise a deep emotional connection and gain a clear understanding of how to include Angels within your life on a daily basis

Here is what you will be learning:-

Day 1 – What are Angels? Gain an understanding of the Angelic realms

Day 2 – Archangel Princes – Understand the qualities of the 7 Archangels and how to integrate these qualities into your life

Day 3 – The 7 Archangel rays – You will understand how to apply the 7 angelic rays of light into your life as a healing tool

Day 4 – Higher Angelic Angels – Integrate a deeper healing experience with the evolved Archangels – Metatron and Sandalphon

Day 5 – Angel symbols and signs – How to recognize Angelic signs and symbols and what they may mean for you


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