Arcturian Light Healing Certificate course

About Course

Who are the Arcturians?

What is your Lightbody?

How can you heal using light?

The Arcturians are a conscious, energetic life force who wish to share their unique healing energies. This course is designed to give you the tools necessary to channel Arcturian energy during a healing session and promote positive change in your life.

Starting with the cosmic heart activation, your connection to the Arcturians will constantly evolve through the use of the healing panel and the 22 beautiful symbols.

What Will You Learn?

  • The Arcturian Light Healing Certificate course enables you to:
  • • Give a full body healing to clients.
  • • Channel Arcturian Light healing energy.
  • • Have an understanding of how to maintain your light body
  • vibrations.
  • • Give a client consultation in a competent manner.

Course Content

Arcturian Light healing – explained by Phyllis Brown

  • Introduction video with Phyllis Brown

Introduction to Arcturian Light Healing

Humans as multidimensional beings

What is Arcturian Light Healing

The healing panel

The Arcturian Light Healing symbols

Arcturian Mind Principles

Client consultation

Phyllis’s connection to the Arcturians

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